Track 2 - The GPS: Navigating the world of educational change

2.1 The Catalysts: Collaborating to solve challenges at scale

We need ecosystems of change, where we can leverage the greater power of the collective, and speed up discussion, replication and evolution of best practices in all fields of learning. Institutions working at scale can accompany these transformations and allow everyone to benefit from them. This is what underpins the idea of a #LearningPlanet.

Participants in this session represent leading international and national public organisations and NGOs, and are invited to present promising initiatives already underway at scale and share their views on the need for increased collaboration allowing new learning ecosystems to evolve faster and grow.

2.2 The Pioneers: Celebrating exemplary learning communities!

To evolve and grow, we all need to explore new horizons and be nurtured by other’s innovative and impactful approaches. Many exemplary pioneers around the world already offer environments where young people learn to take care of oneself, others and the planet, meet their challenges and those of their communities, thus finding meaning in their learning.

Participants in this session are innovators and changemakers, working in their communities to create exemplary learning ecosystems and inspiring learning spaces, and will celebrate, document and share such exemplary and inspiring initiatives.

2.3 The Debates: Thematic live conferences on burning issues

This is a series of live roundtable discussions between members of institutions, on-the-ground changemakers, and students centering on topics related to the #LP Festival theme.

Participants in this session are people engaged in the topics for debate who are available for live conversations on the day, who can volunteer with a subject of interest or will be invited to participate by the #LearningPlanet team.