Launch of Gigatonne Challenge
120 months to tackle the climate crisis
02 12 2020
Launch of Gigatonne Challenge

Our friends at Complexity University are launching the "Gigatonne Challenge" to mobilize 100 teams of about 15 people, regional or city-based, to work on active emissions reduction over 3 x 2-week sprints between now and the end of the year. The framework for this is based on 20+ years of work on social lab methodology in practice and working on complex social challenges globally.
Below you can read the official brief:


How can we work together to reduce global emissions by one billion tonnes a year? How do you rate your leadership skills when it comes to tackling complex challenges? How would you like to “build muscle” for complexity leadership while simultaneously taking direct action to start bringing global emissions back down to where we need them to be? Averting dangerous climate change is imperative. While we know “what” should be done, there seems to be little clarity as to “how” to do it.

Join us for a two-week online leadership programme, where you will learn how to tackle complex challenges within the lens of climate change. You will be given the task of reducing one tonne of CO2e, while crucially delivering benefits for the poorest and most directly impacted by climate change. You will learn by doing what it takes to deliver equitable, effective solutions to our greatest challenges. To rebuild the economy, reduce emissions and reimagine our world.

What’s the commitment?

The minimum commitment for this course is 90 mins per day Monday-Friday for 2 weeks. In terms of economy, we operate in gift culture and intend no financial barriers to participation. You will choose what level of fees you can pay for this course and we are open to conversations about economy. We will run three courses in 2020 - October 19-30, November 9-20, December 7-18. The timings for group sessions vary each month to make them more accessible to different time zones globally. Please see our website for exact details of session timings.

What’s in it for me?

You will benefit from an intensive two-week action learning experience in how to move from ideas to action, by directly tackling perhaps the greatest and most urgent complex challenge of our times. You will meet and work with other committed and courageous individuals from your city, and learn how to be effective together, fast. In the future - by which we mean within the next two years - the intention is for teams who are committed and effective to be funded to do the work of tackling the climate crisis. Embedded within our strategy is equity and jobs creation, but we are not there yet and to get there we need people to show willing, get stuck in, get trained and prove the concept.

Find out more and sign up:

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