24-25th of January 2021
#LearningPlanet #EducationDay

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Under the theme Learning to take care of Oneself, Others and the Planet, the #LearningPlanet Festival is designed to synchronise the world around the celebration of the International Day of Education.

In a time when schools, universities and youth are so deeply affected by the pandemic, the #LearningPlanet Festival invites everyone, everywhere to share and celebrate their most significant learnings to take care of “oneself, others and the planet”. Participants will enjoy stimulating learning experiences, meet like-minded people and launch meaningful projects for their communities.

Organised in partnership with UNESCO and leading organisations across the world, the #LearningPlanet Festival 2021 will explore how to inspire and empower learners of all ages to contribute to shaping better futures.

The #LearningPlanet Festival is a grassroots celebration of new ways of learning, teaching, researching and mobilizing collective intelligence to solve the world’s most pressing issues together.

On January 25th, 2021, UNESCO will also celebrate the International Day of Education by organising an online conference on the theme: “Recover and Revitalize Education for the Covid-19 generation.” The UNESCO conference will feature the award ceremony of the “Conversation with The Little Prince” writing contest. Registration for the #LearningPlanet Festival will also give you access to UNESCO’s online conference programme.

Without quality education and lifelong learning for all, we will not succeed in addressing the challenges of our world. This requires investment, coordination and multilateralism; rethinking what and how we learn, with those who are on the frontlines and will be the actors and citizens of tomorrow: teachers and young people. - Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director-General

How to organise an event with my community?

The first set of #LearningPlanet Festival Toolkits is now available to help you organise a local festival, plan some activities to celebrate the International Day of Education with your students, your community and connect with the world. A #LearningPlanet communication toolkit, with logos and social media tips, is also available here

Discover a selection of learning activities:

EN_Earth Speakr Toolkits
By Studio Olafur Eliasson
Design-athon workshop, SDG 7: Tackle Global Warming
By Designathon Works
What World do you want in 2030?
By World's Largest Lesson
EN : Creating a Purpose Ecosystem
By Ikigai Lab
EN_What Is, What If, What Now? Toolkit
By Weaving Lab & Dream a Dream
EN_The climate collage
EN_Pedagogical Guides for Creating Visual Narratives
EN_Making the world a more accessible place
By WeCanAccess


Create your own toolkit and share it with the community:

Join the pioneering organisations that are co-designing and sharing toolkits for the #LP Festival: The World Largest Lesson, the Weaving Lab, Designathon, Climate KIC, NetEduProject, CRI, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Maison de l’Apprendre, etc.

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