International Day of Education
24th of January 2022

Join us in celebrating the #LearningPlanet Festival!

Our annual #LearningPlanet Festival is back, and we invite you to contribute and make it yours! Let's co-organise an exciting 2022 edition - please suggest workshops and other activities using the form below. Write to us if you have any questions:

Call for contributions

Please take a moment to share your initial interest in contributing to the upcoming Festival. We will get back to you in the coming weeks with the next steps and suggest a time to discuss your proposal in person. We look forward to hearing from you!

(Re)discover the previous editions of the Festival!

Launched in 2020 by CRI and UNESCO and co-organised globally with hundreds of leading organisations from the worlds of art, science, education, social entrepreneurship, etc., the annual #LearningPlanet Festival aims to synchronise the world around the celebration of the International Day of Education.

In January 2021, in the context of the Covid-19 crisis, the Festival went online: 250 sessions were co-organised with participants from 100+ countries, addressing topical issues around learning for sustainable development, redesigning schools with children, creating learning ecosystems, futures of education, etc.

Each year, Festival participants are given the opportunity to experience new meaningfun ways of learning, to meet like-minded people, to engage with on-the-ground innovators in their communities and eventually contribute to impactful projects.

We thoroughly enjoyed this collective experience and invite you here to discover highlights of these past editions.

Founding Partners