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#LearningPlanet is an open alliance of educational stakeholders and learning communities with a cause. In a time of great uncertainty and a global pandemic, we urgently need new ways of learning, teaching, researching and mobilizing collective intelligence. Building on its international community of pioneers, #LearningPlanet aims to identify, develop and amplify the most effective ways to collectively solve the world’s most pressing and complex challenges, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our mission is to inspire & empower learners of all ages to contribute to shaping better futures. Discover more impact stories and hear from our community via our YouTube channel.

The #LearningPlanet Dream

Learning, adj.: who or which continuously develops knowledge and skills that are relevant, updated and beneficial to its communities and environment, thereby ensuring the health, sustenance and thriving of its parts and its whole.

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Get inspired about the world of learning via partner events, and engage with a global, diverse and like-minded community.

Hear from our community

Dive into some of the incredible talks from the 2021 #LearningPlanet Festival and meet the pioneers of our community!

François Taddei, Co-founder of the CRI, discusses the need for building a learning planet, where you can learn from others, contribute to collective learning, and learn to solve personal, community, as well as global challenges.

Andreas Schleicher, Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills, OECD, urgently invites us to radically rethink what learning is about, in a way that complements our accelerated times.

Read a latest OECD report: “Early Learning and Child Well-being”

Sarah Dalglish, Coordinator of the WHO-UNICEF-Lancet Commission, presents “A Future for the World’s Children?”, a comprehensive report to reposition every aspect of child health through the lens of our rapidly changing world.

Sagarika Sriram, Kids4aBetterWorld, introduces her organization, its mission and audience, and encourages children to become ecowarriors.


#LearningPlanet develops its strategic activities around 4 complementary axes:


We catalyse a community of pioneering actors in the art of helping learners to collectively address complex challenges, locally & globally.


#LearningPlanet’s goal is to ensure that youth are involved in all decisions concerning their education and their future.


By celebrating learning, both formal and informal, the #LearningPlanet Festival, #LearningPlanet Assembly, and other local and global summits ensure learners of any age to flourish and take better care of themselves, others and the planet.


We create a set of digital tools to serve learning communities and help educators and learners navigate the frontiers of today's knowledge.